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The Daewoo 16 Litre Dehumidifier is great to have around the house, set on 4 castor wheels to keep it portable, so it can be moved where you need it, and is designed for large rooms measuring 15-25m². Including a 24-hour digital timer, easily set on the top of the unit in 1-hour intervals, and the fan speed can be altered between high and low. There's a Sunny mode for use on warmer, dryer days. Raining mode, which is great for wet days where the humidity is around 40%, there's also a Continuous/Dryer mode that runs continuously with a humidity set to 20%, great as a low cost way of drying clothes, and there's also a lower power Sleep mode. The humidity level can be set easily to match your needs, and is indicated via the colour of the LED on the front of the unit, with a warning indicator for when the 2 litre water tank is getting full. The dehumidifier function will keep your room moisture free, protecting your interior and windows from damp. Protect against allergies and other breathing difficulties by filtering out particles from the air. The dehumidifier can remove 16 litres of water in a day, with a water tank capacity of 2 litres.


Can remove up to 16 litres of moisture a day, with a tank capacity of 2 litres.

Great for guarding against mould and excess moisture.

Includes 4 modes: Sunny mode for warmer, dryer days, Raining mode for cooler, wetter days, Continuous mode for constant dehumidifying, and the low power Sleep mode.

Set to the Continuous mode to dry clothes by removing moisture, for less than it costs to run a dryer
Easily set the digital timer in 1 hour intervals up to 24 hours.

Set on 4 castor wheels so the dehumidifier can be used around the home, wherever you need it most.



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